November 17, 2017

An Instruction Manual to Oneself – Shortcut to Self-Awareness

The School of Life is an amazing YouTube channel, which I urge you to explore further.

Today, I bring you Instruction Manual to Oneself  – why don’t we all have one of those!?

I know some people will insist that they enjoy the mystery and finding out things about another person. They will claim that is precisely the enjoyable part of an interaction with another human being.  Fair enough, they can just refuse to read the said non-existing manual, and no harm done.

How much easier would life be if we knew how the others, and ourselves, work. Can you imagine?

We all know people who refuse to read manuals and end up putting together rickety chairs and wardrobes with half the screws unused or getting lost in the new area because they are above reading the map or asking for directions.

And what about ourselves?

How many of us are masters of self-awareness?

Continuing with a theme of ‘how do you know if you are lying to yourself’, do you know when you are being manipulative vs. having poor communication skills? Or do you think sulking is a perfectly acceptable way to have your needs met? Do you perhaps not even realise you are sulking? What about your appearance – do you believe people when they tell you that you look nice? Do you disbelieve them?

There are some, frankly obvious, signs that we are not self-aware, but most of us live in the shady in-between where we think we are reasonably self-aware but also recognise there is probably more we could learn about ourselves.

If you want to develop better self-knowledge and life skills, The School of Life has many videos on a variety of related topics, as well as books, if that’s more your thing.

‘How to Stay Sane’ by Philippa Perry – a good one to get ahead of the holidays.

‘How to Choose a Partner’ by Susan Quiliam

How to Choose a Partner

And then, there are Know Yourself Prompt Cards which are like homework you’d get from a therapist without having to pay to see one:







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