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Skillshare is an online classroom with a huge variety of classes on many different topics. I have been using it to learn to draw, get more productive, analyse my life and write comedy! Skillshare gives you an option to download and save for later any classes you enjoy and follow teachers you are impressed by and I highly recommend you try it. Use my coupon to sign up and get your first two months free.

Medium Membership costs $50 per year and I really like and recommend their articles. Check them out on You are allowed a number of free articles before the membership enforcement fairy kicks in, so you can leisurely read and get to know this online magazine before you commit to a subscription.

Ting is a smarter way to do mobile / cell phone. Super cheap pay as you go options on Do check it out. I use my phone very sparingly and only pay about $15 per month. Also, the best customer service experience I have ever had. Thank you Meg(h)an! is a FREE online writing assistant that integrates seamlessly with your many software applications. This post, for example, is being created in WordPress with integrated Grammarly plugin working from within my browser to check my spelling and grammar. is an excellent site for getting images for your website, and a lot of them are free to use and very good quality. Many images on this website are from Pixabay, used under the Creative Commons licence. Donations option available.

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